Wedding Planning Careers


There is a lot of grey area somewhere between a wedding coordinator who you only work with on the actual wedding day and a full-service wedding planner as provided by event planning companies like The things you have to do to find the perfect fit for your wedding is to decide which camp your wedding will likely fit into. You then have to go through the rigmarole of interviews to find the best person who offers the best packages and services in your area. First things first: does your wedding need a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator? In this article we differentiate the two and can help you decide which is better for your day.

Wedding Coordinators:

Generally speaking a wedding coordinator helps when you are planning everything for your wedding and then they ensure everything goes smoothly on the actual wedding day. They ensure all important details have been addressed, creating a day-of timeline and confirming logistics with all the planned vendors. They make sure that your suppliers have all the right information for the wedding day such as directions and parking information for the venue, venue rules and the timeline of the day.

If you are planning your wedding you want to ensure that suppliers and guests aren’t coming to you with questions that could stress you out on what is already a nerve wracking day. A wedding coordinator is going to be likely your right hand on the day. Even though a wedding coordinator won’t be involved in all the minute details of the day, it’s still a great idea to hire a wedding coordinator as soon as possible. Often they can make supplier recommendations and can offer some helpful advice as you go along.

Wedding Planners:

The wedding planner is generally the most involved person you can hire to help you to plan your wedding and some will actually plan the whole event for you. A wedding planner is like hiring your new best friend to figure out and discuss every detail of your wedding which is obviously amazing! They can help you with things like event budgeting, venue scouting, recommending and booking wedding vendors, negotiating vendor contracts, event design and even down to the nitty gritty of the floor plans! Overseeing everything on the day of the wedding is also part of the job description and this means you will have an excellent helping hand. There are companies that can send in a planner to book and organise accommodation for the wedding party and guests and you should hire a planner at the very start of your planning stage so you can use their wealth of knowledge to your advantage. They’re great for couples who are far too busy to handle the many man hours it takes to plan a wedding and for couples who need someone to guide them through the entirety of the wedding. Wedding planning can be pricey and prices tend to be based on region and some wedding planners charge a flat fee for their services.

If you aren’t a part of the wedding industry except for now that you are engaged, you may not know the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner and this can actually be quite confusing for new brides! Wedding coordination services are not only different from those offered by wedding planners but sometimes pretty different from those offered by other wedding coordinators as well. Your day can go off without a hitch no matter what you do so take time to make that choice, and congratulations!

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Things To Do When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Feeling the pressure of choosing your perfect dreamy wedding dress can be stressful and so we’ve put together for you a guide of what to do and what not to do when choosing your dream dress. These tips will go a long way to keeping you calm and focused when choosing a dress off websites like to bridal shops around the country.

If you are able to, wear your wedding underwear to your bridal appointment! If you’re able to, wear the bra and knickers and corset – if you plan to wear one – to your bridal fittings as it is so important. Obviously this won’t be quite possible if you are browsing online with but you can still imagine! Try not to try on too many dresses. We told you in part one to try on as many as you like and this still stands but if you try on dozens of dresses you’ll only end up confusing yourself and getting all flustered when there’s no need. Take your time, enjoy the experience and really mull over each choice you try on.

Not many people know this, but all wedding dress and accessory sales are usually final. No pressure right?! It’s a realistic reminder that you should stay serious in your wedding dress search and accessories. Most of those pretty fascinators are not returnable so spend your money on your accessories wisely. Websites like can offer you many choices on the accessories to choose from but try not to get bamboozled by beautiful crystal extras. Try not to freak out to much about wedding dress sizing. Bridal gowns tend to run two or three sizes larger than your regular size. Once you get your head round that, be realistic. Pay attention to how it looks and not the sizing on the label. Labels are very psychological and if you listen to that you can really upset yourself for no reason.

Whenever you can, make sure you ask lots of questions when you are trying your dresses on. You should ask the boutique owner and staff lots of different questions but also yourself. You want the dress you love to make you feel spectacular on your day but also it must be practical for the wedding you’re going to have. Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable but beautiful? Can you dance in your dress? Can you sit down? Are you self-conscious about any part of yourself in the dress? All these questions are so important for success on your wedding day. Although a gown may be elegant and breathtakingly beautiful, what good is it if you are trapped mummy-style all night? Lastly, don’t feel like you have to bring an ooh-ing and aah-ing audience. We’ve all seen the bridal shops stuffed full of aunties, cousins and the best friends’ sisters’ cousins but it’s not necessary. The only approval you need is yours and maybe your mothers! Don’t feel the pressure to take a gaggle of giggling and emotional women with you who will all likely have different tastes and offer difference advice to give you. You’ll only confuse yourself!


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Six ways to care for your vintage bridal headpiece before and after your wedding

Don’t you just wish that you can give something amazing to your daughter who would be a bride to be? suggested that you give your vintage bridal headpiece because it is a representation of a crown and since your daughter is your princess she should wear something worthy of her head. After all receiving something from your mother as a gift for your wedding is very valuable and memorable. To do that though you have to make sure that you take care of your vintage bridal headpiece and here are ways for you to take care of it.

  1. When it comes to vintage bridal headpiece, you have to place it in an area where no one can accidentally sit on it or add any damage to it. So places like the table with a sign, on a mannequin or even place in a pillow can be a great way to care for it.
  2. Don’t just place it in a bag without properly doing it. The reason is, you might damage it. That is why when you place it in a bag you need to make sure that the bag wouldn’t have any other things and that it would be durable enough for the vintage bridal headpiece.
  3. Handle it with care or rather don’t be too tough on it. When you have the vintage bridal headpiece, you shouldn’t be careless with it because it might get broken. Even if the quality is excellent if you are the one causing harm to it, then it wouldn’t last you a long time.
  4. If you ever notice that a stone is coming out or a thread being lost then you should give it to a professional to have it fix. This way you are giving it fewer chances for it to have more damage when you are using it and when you are finished using the vintage bridal headpiece.
  5. If you see any dirt, you should clean it right away because the dirt can damage the fabric or the metal in your vintage bridal headpiece. This way as well you will maintain its original design or color when you are cleaning it.
  6. Try to check up on it once in a while so that you would know of its condition. This way as well if you see that it is about to get damage over time then you will still have the chance to fix so that it would still be with you.

These are ways for you to take care of your vintage bridal headpiece so that if you have a daughter who will get married, you can give it to her as well. suggested that when you give your daughter your vintage bridal headpiece, it will be more precious that is why you have to learn to take care of it. These ways to take care of your vintage bridal headpiece is just to help you that is why you should apply it so that your vintage bridal headpiece will always be in good condition for your daughter to use in her wedding.

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Tips in bettering a security guard


Don’t you just wish that there are ways or tips to make a security guard better? You see when a security guard is better then there are fewer chances for any unforeseen situation, and they would be able to protect you better. You might think that it isn’t necessary, but you are wrong. There is always a reason why you should be better because things are changing so you have to make sure that your security guard would be better. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to because these tips would be able to help you in that matter.

  • You need to make sure that you train them well because if you train them well, then they will become amazing at their job. Training is, after all, important and it will help in improving yourself. Without training, they wouldn’t know what to do when a situation calls for it.
  • Make sure that they are always vigilant in their surroundings because if they do, then they can repaper themselves is something is wrong. After all, you wouldn’t be able to know if something is wrong when it already happened.
  • Teach them about the legal system so that they would know how to defend themselves if they are the one being an attack because of legal reasons. This way as well it would show that they know what they are doing.
  • Giving them the idea of proper hygiene can even be another way for you to teach them how to be better. A hygienic security guard would mean they are serious in their job and they know what they are doing. It would also show respect as well.
  • Make sure that you give them lessons on how to stop an assault without any weapons because there might come a time wherein they wouldn’t have any weapon and they would need to stop an assault. It would also be handy to them and yourself because even with and without a weapon they can still protect you.
  • Make sure that they are well disciplined because if they are then, it will show that they are serious about their job. This way as well no one would bother fooling around with your security guard because they are really serious about their job.
  • A security guard would stay calm even if the surroundings isn’t because this way they would be able to think of plans to help the people rather than panicking and doing nothing.

Now you know what the tips are when it comes to a better security guard. It can’t be helped after all that there are some who may have the look of a security guard, but they don’t know how to be a better security guard. would even suggest that a better security guard would mean that the people and yourself would have a better security and you would feel more secured. That is why these tips can be very helpful to you because it can better your security guard.

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Perks of investing on rental party supplies

Aside from other party essentials such as chairs and tables together with stunning accessories, there are important party rentals wherein they are such in demand when it comes to event planning. As a matter of fact, there are party rental services which can provide or make that almost everything that you actually want for the ideal occasion. You can even look up on the internet for further research about your party at

As for wedding receptions, of course, you will always require tables following the chairs just for the right accommodation towards your wedding reception event for your guests together with the beautiful dance floor that comes with the buffet just to secure their appetite and at the same time, keep them entertained. However, when you are planning on having a party outdoors, then you should really go for a tent just to keep your guests away from possible natural elements. Plus, you can even make use of special event suggestions wherein you can gain learnings from proper methods in folding a napkin or the proper manner of cutting the cake.

On the other hand, if you are having a graduation party, renting party essentials like tables and chairs including other equipment from party rental services can help in making that graduation party momentous enough, although the preparation of the materials can be assisted together with the organizers if you are having a hard time in doing so.

Moreover, during cocktail parties, planning it may appear to be a bit or more intimidating, although it may be natural and exciting when working with all the plans together with the important party rental supplies from the services offered. Additionally, when storing up the essential food supplies along with the drinking products, it demands the accurate seating arrangement that goes with the proper glassware to go with it.

Lastly, when you are selecting potential activities for your special occasion, you must always coordinate with several party activities which serve as an ideal way in making your personal inspiration be highlighted. Sometimes, there are parents who are really into this kind of craft which is open to the beginning with during the whole event then letting the young ones be too busy when it comes to the immediate gathering. Although there is more likely during the times that you fancy the guests to be involved with the party activities such as the games like the boat is sinking or perhaps the traditional pin the tail on the donkey like everyone loves to be a part of it. The best part if you have these fun activities is that the kids or the adults maybe will be more interested in being a part of the program flow especially if there are prizes involved at the end of each game.

Lastly, always keep in mind in securing a proper list for your shopping necessities. When you are out looking for party supplies, it can be differentiated on each element that involves the venue along with the whole theme. Although there are products which fall into different categories.

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Why You Should Never Use Domestic Kitchen Equipment for a Commercial Kitchen

Large catering kitchens are dotting the country and serving some of the biggest schools, hospitals and even IKEA in the land. With catering kitchens come catering companies that provide appliances and equipment large enough to handle the volume of food made in such an environment. Catering companies of all types may be tempted by a lower price tag and accessibility of domestic products when they are kitting out their commercial kitchen. These budget buys, while attractive, can lead to huge costs in the future for you as a chef and for your kitchen. There are some important differences in catering equipment between domestic and commercial and before you go ahead and buy, it’s crucial to know these differences.

  • Size does matter: the first and most obvious difference is the size of equipment. Commercial ovens and microwaves dwarf the domestic equivalent and for good reason. The huge output with the larger items mean that higher demand can be met easily. Professional kitchens in restaurants and cafes are expected to provide for a large and continuous stream of people therefore a large amount of food orders on a daily basis. Domestic equipment cannot handle the volume and this can negatively impact your food production and the overall efficiency of your kitchen.
  • Quality is equal to quantity. All kitchen catering equipment available online needs to be replaced eventually. Knives, oven and even the fridge, while these can survive years in the average home, the constant use and employment of equipment in a large kitchen will rapidly increase the deterioration of domestic equipment. Commercial good are manufactured to the highest standard of quality, often with long lasting materials. Kitchen chefs will always maintain their equipment in a larger kitchen compared to in the home.
  • Keeping up. Besides top of the range materials and components, commercial supplies come with a range of built in features to maintain their overall efficiency and preservation of your food. In a domestic kitchen, the fridge compressor for example, is only designed to be opened several times a day. A commercial fridge features a much more powerful compressor to handle regular opening and the higher temperatures of a busy kitchen.
  • While cooking in your own kitchen can be completed with any appliance, food at any commercial busy restaurant or bar is expected to be made as best as it possibly could be. This calls for meals to be prepared at temperatures for precise periods of time. Commercial goods, with their top-tier quality and efficiency, are capable of achieving these specific needs quickly without jeopardizing the quality of the end product.
  • Don’t look at the price. It is so easy to get hooked on a low price tag but if you want to keep the cash in your wallet, look beyond it. What is the appliance made from? What features does it support? How safe is it when it’s very hot and hectic? All these factors should be considered before making your buy, and they will always result in commercial equipment being the superior and better long term investment.

However you decide to go with a catering business, buy smart and buy properly. Don’t over use domestic equipment in your kitchen because you want to save money.

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What It Takes To Run A Large Event

Event organisation is more than just planning a good party. Event planning is not party planning especially in the wedding world. It may look like planning parties and soirees on the surface but the professional event planning world focuses on the rationale or goal of having an event and whether that goal is achieved. Nowadays there are more events and parties than ever before and with the birth of Pinterest and social media sites, advertising your events can be easier than ever. Events can be huge or intimate, happy or solemn and for business or pleasure. Entertaining is a feature of life now and guests expect parties to be exciting and polished. Imagine yourself elegantly dressed visiting swanky hotels and working with brides and bridal parties of all sizes. Imagine approving the décor, food and music and all the while wearing a headset and being in control and making sure that there is a day to remember.

Being paid for doing something you enjoy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be easy but it does come with job satisfaction. There are so many advantages of succeeding though and these perks are just the beginning. Being an event planner takes tenacity, approachability and poise because not only are you brokering the best deals with venues and halls, and coordinating smaller touches like cars and flowers, you are also negotiating a potentially very stressed out bride! This role in wedding events is dependent on your taste, your style and your common sense and when you collapse at home after a long day you’ll know you have created an event that your clients and guests will remember for the rest of their lives. You get to be your own boss with a lot of event planning agencies and this means no one is looking over your shoulder and no one is telling you what to do or changing your ideas around. You work the hours you need there’s no requirement for a fixed nine to five day.

It’s not a boring day at all and you can fit the work around other commitments which is especially handy if you have children around. Your business and your profits which means the more you work the more you earn. You’re not watching the clock unless you’re on a deadline and the hours you’re working aren’t endlessly dull. It’s not necessarily a high pressure position to be in but if you are coordinating people that can be difficult.

Asian wedding companies are adept at coordinating large groups of people and making sure schedules line up perfectly can be stressful especially as event planning is notorious for last minute drop outs and changes and that can also be a stressful time. It is one thing to have someone’s big day in your hands and it’s quite another to sort out a hysterical bride and keep her calm. There are real skills to learn in the events world and if you want to be a professional it will take time to become known and find your own client list.

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